Quang Nhat NGUYEN, Ph.D.

photo of Quang Nhat Nguyen


Hanoi University of Science and Technology

School of Information and Communication Technology

Address: No. 1, Dai-Co-Viet road, Hanoi, Vietnam

E-mail: quang.nguyennhat[AT]hust.edu.vn /

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Quang Nhat NGUYEN is a lecturer in the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. His past research focused on mobile recommender systems that suggest products and services personalized to mobile users' needs and preferences at their particular context.

He designed and developed a mobile recommendation methodology that integrates long-term and session-specific user preferences, employs a case-based model of the on-the-go decision problem and solution, uses a composite query representation, and exploits a critique-based conversational approach. The recommendation methodology was implemented in MobyRek, a mobile phone on-tour recommender system that assists mobile users in searching for their desired travel products (restaurant). A number of live-user and simulation tests demonstrated that the recommendation methodology is a viable design solution for mobile recommender systems.

He served as the publication chair of the international conferences SoICT 2013, SoICT 2012, SoICT 2011, SoICT 2010, the workshop and publication chair of the international conference KSE 2011, a program committee member of the international conferences KARE 2013, UBICOMM 2013, STAIR 2013, KARE 2012, SoICT 2012, UBICOMM 2012, KARE 2011, SoICT 2011, UBICOMM 2011, KSE 2011, STAIR 2011, UBICOMM 2010, KSE 2010, UBICOMM 2009, a reviewer of the international conferences ICCBR 2007 and ICMB 2005, a reviewer of Journal of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, a reviewer of Vietnam Journal of Information Technologies and Communications (English edition), and a reviewer of the book "Tourism Informatics: Visual Travel Recommender Systems, Social Communities and User Interface Design" (edited by N. Sharda, and published by IGI Global in 2009).

Since 2012, he has participated in several large-scale ICT projects, as an R&D principle investigator and Software architect, in application domains such as e-government, smart city, intelligent transportation, health, tourism and retail. He has been particularly interested in applied artificial intelligence, big data, open-source technologies, and software architecture.

His R&D interests include machine learning (i.e., especially deep learning), computer vision, recommender systems, personalization, intelligent mobile services.