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Full Name Assoc. Prof. Hai Van Pham
Position Associate Professor, PhD in Computer Intelligence and Information Science
Working address B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Tel. Contact (84-4) 38696124
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About me

I am an Associate Professor, Senior lecturer working at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, as teaching and research in the fields of Intelligent systems and applications for teaching courses in the following: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-based Systems, Information Security, Infor. System Analysis Design and Decision Support Systems.

My background is Msc. in computer science at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), research associate in Computational Methods and Machine learning at Lamar University (USA). Following the Masters Degree I have been awarded Doctor of Engineering degree (Ph.D.) in Computer Intelligence and Information Science by Ritsumeikan University (Japan).

I am interested in how intelligent techniques and approaches can enable novel ways of interacting with intelligent computation, big data and in the new challenges that human awareness in dynamic system, intelligent hybrid systems, intelligent decision support systems, data mining, complex systems and context-aware system, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-based Systems...

There are my interested specific research areas as follows:

  • Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence for applied real-world applications: Hybrid intelligent systems, expert systems, knowledge-based systems...
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems: Group decision support systems, hybrid DSS under uncertainty.
  • Personalization: Personalization in services integrated with intelligent context/context-aware systems: applied applications in Web-based and Smart phone.
  • Quantification of human sensibility with reasoning and knowledge engineering: Kansei Engineering, Kansei Evaluation, Common Sense Human Reasoning, emotions, automated reasoning techniques.
  • Big data in data mining, data analysis: classification techniques, prediction intelligence and Spatial data decision support.
  • Design and build models in applied application in security and information systems/software: industry, enterprise, information system managements, education, health, agriculture, business intelligence...etc.
  • Soft computing and logic applications: Fuzzy logics, algebra hedge and Rule-based systems and strategies.
  • Machine learning: SOM, Neural network, Neural Fuzzy Network in predicting intelligence, classification, filtering and intelligent support decisions.
  • Controls in Robot and knowledge-based, knowledge engineering for Robots.

I have obtained certificates in expert training course for Unix System Designer at Okinawa International centre and Software Application Intelligence at United National Univ. My work has been presented in 50 international/local conferences and has been published in 40 conference proceedings in ISI/ SCOPUS index, 15 journal papers in ISI index, and 4 domestic books. I have served as a member of program committees for international conferences and acts as a reviewer for international conferences and journals. I am also on the reviewer and editorial board of international conferences/journals, has acted as a workshop Chair, Track Chair, and Program Chair for International Conferences.

My experiences for doing international projects in science and engineering are key positions as invited expert/consultant in BKK Glass Inc. International projects (Thailand), NGOs – international organizations, ICT Knowledge management - World Bank, and Enzan Tunel GROUP (Japan) international/local projects.

Awards and Honor Fellowships

  1. Best Research Award of Innovation Fair 2011 - Society of Advancement and Technology at Ritsumeikan, December 2011.
  2. Excellent Fellowship PhD Research Price Award, Ritsumeikan University, July 2011.
  3. Best Fellowship Award, granted by Society of Advancement and Technology at Ritsumeikan, June 2011.
  4. Award Excellent Intensive Doctoral Program fellowship, granted by Ritsumeikan University, July 2010.
  5. Best PhD Research Award issued by Innovation Fair 2010 – Society of Advancement and Technology at Ritsumeikan, December 2010, Shiga, Japan.
  6. Best PhD Research Award issued by Innovation Fair 2009 – Society of Advancement and Technology at Ritsumeikan, December 2009, Shiga, Japan.
  7. PhD Fellowship Award 2009-2011 granted by Vietnam Government and University.
  8. Vietnam Government scholarship for Post-graduate oversea Msc study at Asian Institute of Technology.
  9. Visiting research associate at Lamar Univ. U.S.A
  10. United Nations University fellowship for studying advanced IT training course of Advanced Software Institute of the United Nations University and VNU. 2002
  11. JICA Fellowship was funded by Cooperation International Cooperation Agency for advanced training course of Okinawa International Center, Japan 1999.
  12. Full Scholarship of Vietnam National University Hanoi for undergraduate study.


Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarships:

University Recommendation" are available at the URLs in the end of this email. Please kindly forward this information to your current students or graduates who might be interested in doing their graduate study at our graduate school, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University ( For those prospective applicants who can write their application form for the master's course in Japanese, please recommend them to apply to our Japanese program because there is much higher chance to be given the scholarship in this program than the English one.

The number of accepted competitive research grants, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, this year is the highest among all private universities in the west part of Japan with another performance index showing that RU ranks 1 or 2 among all private universities in Japan in a number of computer science and engineering areas.

The European Master's Program in Computational Logic:

We are glad to announce to you the possibility to join our European Master's Program of Computational Logic. This program is offered jointly at the Free-University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy, the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal and the Technische Universität Wien in Austria. Within this program you have the choice to study at two/three of the four European universities. In addition, you can do your project work at the National ICT of Australia (NICTA). You will graduate with a MSc in Computer Science and obtain a joint degree. Information on the universities and the program including the application procedure is provided here:

Language of instruction is English. Tuition fees are 3.000 EUR (for non-European students) and 1.000 (for European students) per year.

We would like to draw your attention to the ERASMUS-MUNDUS scholarship program. The ERASMUS-MUNDUS consortium offers 2-year scholarships up to 41.800 EUR for non-EU students and up to 32.800 EUR for EU students of our European Master's Program in Computational Logic.

More information on the scholarship program is available from:

Hi Prof .Pham (PhD scholarship):

How time flies, it's been one year since I was at SOICT!

I'm writing to say hi, and encourage if you have any students interested in pursuing PHD at SMU, in particular under the new research center I'm leading I have full scholarships to offer.

We are also interested in hiring researchers.

Pls ask them to contact me.



Thông tin về tuyển nghiên cứu sinh tại Kyung Hee University, Korea:

Được đăng ngày Thứ ba, 29 Tháng 12 2015 18:54

Kyung Hee University, Korea có chương trình học bổng và cần tuyển nghiên cứu sinh.

Quyền lợi:

  1. Full payment of Tuition fee for 4 years: 13 million Korean-Won/year.
  2. Salary: 700,000-800,000 KRW/month (If marry student, 800,000-900,000 KRW/month).
  3. Computing facility (Desk top PC and printer).
  4. Conference participation fee (around USD 1,000/year).